Third party onboarding

Welcome to the Pegasys onboarding process where we invite you to join the work that we do.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work we do for our clients, Pegasys or its affiliates (collectively “Pegasys”) requires some information from your company or you, as an individual consultant, before we can enter into a contractual agreement. Pegasys thus asks that you as a prospective Third Party provide this information for our review.

We will require the following:

   • Basic Company Data (legal name, registration number, number of staff, etc.) or;
   • Individual Data (Full name, date of birth, ID/Passport number, nationality, education, etc.)
   • Ownership structure (including percentages)
   • Banking details, including audited financial statements
   • Insurance cover details
   • Taxpayer and Compliance information
   • Legal and Financial Compliance Questions
   • Company policies or acceptance of the policies set up by Pegasys
   • Technical Expertise information
   • References

Please note that the individual completing this form must be able to provide a signature on behalf of the company verifying the information provided. Thank you for taking the time to facilitate this process. We look forward to working with you.